COOCOS dsgn was founded out of passion and long term love for clothes, colors and fabrics. How they together create a visual entirety, how they feel on and what they express about the people wearing them or what the people want to express themselves with their clothes. Beautiful clothes are interesting and multithreaded matters.

Coocos has been designed for women who want to and have to – for example because of their work events – pay attention what to wear to feel good enough to be able to forget the clothes and concentrate on business. Coocos wants to help if there is nothing to wear in the closet. It offers elegant alternatives or something different, even playful choices. Coocos has two different styles: Classics and Fun.

Both styles are made with high quality and love respecting the skill of clothes making. In drafting patterns is important the fit of the garment paying attention to the natural flow of each fabric. It is important to look good and feel good in clothes. Both collections have details, little finishing twists. The present world around us with its various phenomenon works as inspiration for Coocos as well the history, beautiful garments in old days.


contains high quality classics; silk blouses, dresses, trousers. The fabrics are mostly natural fibres. Clothes have quite clean cuts and feminine silhouettes. Above all they are timeless pieces you can wear year after year for every event you need to look stylish.


has cheerful fun pieces meant to find joy in getting dressed. They are unique expressing your personality. The fabrics are natural fibres but also contemporary trendy fabrics. They can be  art works by themselves; twisted, pleated, crocheted – exotic! Garments can be cut in unusual way. Colors are more bright and brave as Chic and Classic are using.

COOCOS dsgn story started to built up in 2016. The clothes are made nowadays 90 % in Finland. The design office is in Helsinki and clothes are produced in Kuopio Finland. Pattern drafting and some production have been made also in small studios in Tallinn Estonia. Fabrics are mostly from Italy. This way Coocos dsgn appreciates responsibility and ethicality. It creates long lasting garments produced close where we live.